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AMC (Annual Maintenance Services )

Yearly Repair Agreements (AMC), For those of you too far away we supply a Desktop and Laptop services.If you would be considering someone to help you repair issues on your pc, recuperation or chip-level issues or guide you in adding people, etc., or to help you in keeping your system​

We offer two types of Annual Maintenance Services (Computer AMC services):

  • Non – Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract:
    Non-comprehensive Computer AMC includes repair & services only with cost of defective to be borne by the customer. 

  • Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract: Comprehensive Computer AMC’s includes all parts (Here, you are not charged separately for the labor or for the parts replaced).


IT consulting services are an integral part of consulting. The objective of seeking IT consulting services is to stay updated and competitive in marketplace as per the latest technology trends. 21st century businesses owners are often seen searching for such services for adding value to their business.  We advise our clients about the ways they

can be best use their existing IT infrastructure.

Part of IT Consulting:

  • Getting external advice and recommendations to enhance their existing IT infrastructure.

  • Accessing the expertise of IT consultants.

  • Seeking help during an OTP (One Time Project) where you don’t need permanent resources.

  • For outsourcing every aspect of every IT related job from their company.


Moreover, professionals associated with us have the following skills:

  • Advisory skills

  • Technical language skills

  • Effective communication skills

  • Technical Skills

  • Skills for effective management of business

  • Business skills

  • Management skills

Sales and Services


We can advice on assemble and branded desktop suit into your budget , With us you get quality of services You also get the components of the best distributors in Mumbai and Gujarat so you get the best deal possible.

We are HP authorized, HP Showroom in Vapi where you will be able to get the latest system with latest configuration for HP 


Services :

Are you experiencing computer problems? Concept Computers Services can help you. We provide all kinds of computer service and maintenance services, which will get your PC back up and running. We also offer installation and configuration services to home and business clients. Our experienced technicians can set up your computers, network, and peripherals in a way that guarantees optimal performance. We’re available 24 hours a day, so don’t hesitate to contact us for all your computer service, maintenance and installation needs.

On-Site Services

Our on-site computer support service makes getting your computer fixed easy! No need to disconnect all those computer cables, and load it in the car. One of our friendly and qualified technicians will come right to your home or business and repair your computer on the spot. 

Remote Services

Our remote support service can solve most computer issues quickly and easily. With no need for an on site appointment, this is the ideal solution to get you up and running quickly without interrupting your schedule.

New System Sales and Setups

Need to upgrade to something new? We sell quality computer equipment along with the data transfer services to make your new computer turn-key!

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